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The Bluecap Technology

Coming from submarine technology

Magneto Hydro Dynamics concept

Shaft-less, no moving construction parts

No power house needed

Compact, standardized and modular concept

Plug and play construction and installation

The applications

Existing weirs, dams and waterway structures

Low head and discharge

Irrigation canals and infrastructures

Water supply and water drain pipelines

Inefficient or abandoned hydropower plants

Remote and not grid connected areas

The Key Benefits

Little civil construction work required

Very competitive investment cost

Low operating cost (maintenance and repair)

Flood protection capability

Larger heads and discharges can be accommodated

Though serial and parallel installation of multiple turbines

The company

BCH develops and produces unique compact micro hydropower installations for affordable, accessible and scalable projects with no environmental impact.

The turbines are installed submerged and operates noiseless. BCH is fully focused on the development of micro hydropower projects, full entrepreneurship.



Not part of a conglomerate but instead fully focussed on micro hydropower projects. Local service organisations with strong international partners. The turbine has been successfully tested in a test setup where the circumstances of a flood control barrage were imitated. BCH is ahead of competition with low investment and operating costs and unique applications.

BCH progress

BCH together with its international and local partners has initiated feasibility studies to start micro hydropower projects in the Philippines, Indonesia and the Netherlands.